Preboarding Requirements: Nashville Tail Blazers will only accept dogs that have also been daycare clients in the past. West Nashvilles premier destination for your pet! You can schedule a tour of the place or make a boarding appointment online. Harley participated in Doggy Day Care and had a blast. I highly recommend them and would leave my dog with them again. Cheryl Puleston. Any additional pet you bring with him to the kennel will require $25 each. Moreover, they offer dog bathing product retail, play area, and pet taxi service. The regular price, on the other hand, is $35. They also provide individual attention and TLC from camp counselors. You may send an email for any questions. She has a ton of experience in the pet industry, as she worked in Premier VetCare way back in 2004 and at a pet boarding facility even before that. And how cool are the cameras?! Our dog had a fantastic day of play and was happy & tired when we picked him up! Dogs boarding here will surely enjoy the nature trail, the outdoor run, and temperature-controlled indoor area. The Belmont Pet Resort and Daycare feature a five-star luxury pet resort. If your dog is exempted from having any of these vaccines, you must give a letter from your veterinarian stating the case. Took him today and they said he is getting back to normal. Its good for a dog up to 25 pounds, and it has an indoor/outdoor run. The longer the duration, the more affordable every night becomes. There is experienced and trained staff overlooking the pets. In addition, they offer dog boarding, cat boarding, and pet bathing services. Their staff is also happy to accommodate dogs of any size. They make sure that every pet is showered with love and care. Filed Under: Dog Boarding, Dog Boarding in Tennessee United States, Dog Boarding in United States, Training Programs for Aggressive Dogs in Montreal, Training Programs for Aggressive Dogs in Phoenix, Training Programs for Aggressive Dogs in NYC, Training Programs for Aggressive Dogs in Los Angeles. They work very closely with their partner business, the Belmont Animal Hospital. Are you in Memphis City, TN? If you already have an account, you can book online. Mobley Veterinary Clinic is located in Nashville City, TN, and its been around since the 1950s. There are 14 sizable kennels, with each dog having access to the 4,000-square foot outdoor area for hours of fun and swimming in the puppy pools. Apart from having a 24-hour staff, the kennel facility also offers pick-up and drop-off services, dog grooming, and dog training. Also, your dog must have current shots for Bordetella, DHLPP, and rabies, and should have a flea preventative. Talk to your front desk staff to see what we offer when you come to drop off! Jonathan Perkins founded Perks Boarding Kennels in Cordova, Shelby County, TN, with the mission of providing a safe and healthy space for pets. Dog owners in Gallatin City, TN, can go to The Barking Spot for their pet boarding needs. The boarding rate is $45 a night. There are different-sized indoor and outdoor runs at The Barking Spot to accommodate your dog no matter his size or breed. Phone: (615) 385-2275 We have rooms of all sizes that can accommodate dogs of all sizes, to include larger rooms equipped to handle full families. Address: 470 Craighead St, Nashville, TN 37204 She has a certification in veterinary acupuncture and works alongside numerous veterinarians and licensed vet technicians. Address: 7128 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209 Phone: (615) 880-8696 Here, dogs are grouped not only according to size but also by their behavior. Their staff is all great, professional, and friendly. In addition, they specialize in supervising off-leash group play. We will not go anywhere else with our fur babies! Devon Lyons. The Villas are perfect for small dog breeds who want access to their outdoor runs. Your pet should be friendly to the other boarders, and it must be spayed or neutered. If you want more information, send Perks Boarding Kennels a message online. Moreover, the Premium runs are best for active dogs and start at $36 a night. Words can not express how much we truly appreciated the staff going over and above to make sure Harley and myself felt comfortable. Preboarding Requirements: If your dog is boarding for the first time, he needs to pass a temperament exam. Their team specializes in top-quality accommodation for dogs and cats to board and play. Below is a list of the top and leading Doggy Day Care Centres in Nashville.

The staff made us feel right at home and welcomed Harley with open arms.

Our staff absolutely loves delivering fresh, clean dogs back to their parents, and it is the perfect way to round out your dogs stay! Devin Komline owns Nashville Tail Blazers in Nashville, TN. In addition, they offer dog baths, daycare, and medicine administration with feeding sessions. Take a good look at the boarding agreement form and send an inquiry regarding the boarding rates. Likewise, theres an evaluation process wherein the staff will check how your dog is doing. They offer a natural pack environment to allow dogs to play in groups. They keep us updated with our dogs all day and let us know about their behavior. If your dog is less than 20 pounds, he can stay for just $18 a day. Phone: (615) 915-3062 Preboarding Requirements: Your dog should have up-to-date vaccines for Bordetella, canine influenza, distemper combo, and rabies. It took them several years to arrange everything, but their customized barn is now ready to accommodate dogs and cats alike and with them are three staff members who love caring for animals as much as them. Just all around an awesome place. Dick Davis. I also love that the staff separates the sizes of dogs for playtime. Of course, there are discounts if hell stay for over a month. So if your dog will stay for at least 10 nights, youll only have to pay $41 per night. Preboarding Requirements: SouthPaws requires up-to-date vaccines for Bordetella, distemper, and rabies. This will cost you at least $30 a night. Preboarding Requirements: A record of vaccines from your veterinarian is necessary. Thats very important to me to know that Chewie is playing safe with other dogs his size. Note that heres a $25 penalty for not showing up. Thankfully, the rates already include daycare services. Their staff also takes care of reservations and pet activities. Morgan is great! In addition, all of their staff is trained and certified in Dog Language and Behavior. After graduating from UCLA, Amy got an internship at a local radio station and worked as a beat reporter and producer.

I love being able to watch him on camera and it seems the staff is very hands-on with all of the pups! Preboarding Requirements: You must inform the staff early on if your dog has a special diet or in need of medication. Furthermore, theres a $50 consultation to help the staff learn more about your pet, with the form available online. Preboarding Requirements: You must present proof that a veterinarian gave your dog up-to-date vaccines for Bordetella, parvovirus, DHLPP, and rabies. The goal of this 8,000-square-foot pet care center is to help pet owners take great care of their dog, which is why there are daycare, boarding, and even in-home services. Fill out the reservation form or give the staff a call. You can book online whether youre a new or old customer and you can also send SouthPaws a message. from $37, bulk/discount packages available. Leaving your buddy is never easy. You must also bring a record of your pets up-to-date shots for Bordetella, DHLPP, and rabies. Check out the form for new clients and dont forget to schedule an appointment or contact the team. You can book an appointment and check contact details on their site. He must also be three months of age or older. Dog lovers Mike and Christy are the new owners of SouthPaws in the city of Nashville, TN. Amy covers economy and community events for Kevs Best. The daycare center provides exceptional services that are fit for every dog. Are you a dog owner based in Tennessee in the southeastern region of the United States? The staff is so friendly and accommodating! It is Teddys mission to be a delightful playmate to any and every dog he meets., I was immediately impressed with how well run this brand-new business was. He is known for his gregarious personality and ability to bring new dogs out of their shells and into the larger group. :) Lauren Powers. The top-rated Doggy Day Care Centres in Nashville, TN are: Camp Bow Wow is a premier dog care provider that caters to Nashville pet owners. Preboarding Requirements: Pets should have up-to-date vaccines for Bordetella, distemper, parvovirus, and rabies. There was much to appreciate, and this remains constant: a friendly customer service-oriented staff, a clean facility, safety focus, and more than anything else, a team that shows my baby genuine affection., Bellahas been coming since she was four months old almost every day(shes now 3) this is basically her second home.

Do you need comfortable accommodation for your dog for a few days, or longer while you take a vacation? The small single suite costs $39 a night. They also take pictures of them for you. For residents of Mt. Address: 315 Hermitage Ave, Nashville, TN 37210 Give the staff an email or call for any questions. If your dog has a flea infestation, youll have to pay for the treatment. Website:, We came from Oxford, MS to work in Nashville and brought our furry child, Harley, with us. The daycare offers a wide variety of dog care services and pet grooming services. If its your first time availing the boarding service here, the single boarding rate costs only $28 per day. Check the bottom section of the site for the contact details. At Mobley Veterinary Clinic, the doggy residents can also have grooming and bathing for an additional cost. Rest assured, theyre in good hands. Husband and wife Brad McCurry and Rachel established Pawsitively Purrfect in Nashville, TN, in 2013 with the hope of providing the best services to pets. If you are, you and your dog are in for a treat. The climate-controlled boarding facility at The Pampered Pooch is well-maintained. Besides, your pets can run around and play all day in indoor and outdoor play areas. They offer impressive and innovative day and night camp services to all pets. Moreover, they believe that dogs are more than best friends, they are family. They should behave as such! Dr. Kristen Coles Hope serves as the managing veterinarian and works with at least five other highly trained vets. Phone: (615) 292-7529 Play hard, come home clean. The staff are so professional, not to mention SO kind and they ALL go above and beyond to make sure our pals are happy and safe.. Call The Pampered Pooch for reservations. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Pet Resorts Dog Daycare is a locally owned dog and cat boarding house. Contact details are indicated at the upper and bottom sections of the website.

Come see us today! Preboarding Requirements: Current shots for Bordetella, DHLP, parvovirus, and rabies are required. Also, there are turf yards for playing. The boarding rate is already inclusive of daycare service and costs $50 a night. I would definitely recommend it to friends. This local full-service pet care business in Brentwood, Nashville, TN, has an experienced staff to keep your dogs satisfied during their stay. If theres a medical emergency, the staff can immediately contact a veterinarian. Both cats and dogs are welcome here, with the latter staying in big kennels and runs of various sizes. They always prioritize safety and comfort whether your dog is in there for grooming or boarding services. Very loving to my babies. A small kennel will cost you $27 a night but a second dog can stay in the same area for just $13.50. Preboarding Requirements: Dog must have current vaccines for Bordetella, distemper, and rabies.

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