Our Awards program highlights achievements in our industry through digital transformation business cases relating to 7 key themes. However, this figure is still markedly less than the 2 million that was predicted, With edge enjoying time in the spotlight, we contemplate the future of multi-access edge computing in conjunction with the cloud, 5G and the IoT. In the midst of digital disruptions where data has become the new oil of the digital economy and customers wanting personalised experiences, we realized the need to shift gears to become a data driven organization. This year the 95 entries received from 23 countries were judged by a panel of 22 independent industry experts. Telco Product Catalog Editor: Launch new promotions in a blink of an eye. Since 2007, TM Forums Excellence Awards have recognized the worlds leading companies for innovative achievements spanning digital transformation, business and IT agility, customer centricity, cross-industry partnering and collaboration, and product and service innovation across six event themes. Three Irelands trusted youth brand, 48, disrupted the Irish market with a unique digital experience, giving customers control over how they use monthly data. China Mobile has customized its autonomous networks methodology to slash 5G OpEx, developing an implementation architecture and level-based evaluation system to transform network Operations & Maintenance across its 31 subsidiaries. Adopting TM Forum Autonomous Networks (AN) as the core concept of network operations transformation, China Mobile has developed AN level-based evaluation system and formulated a five-year development plan to achieve L4 by 2025. .logo_space{ display: inline-block; margin: 0 10px 10px 0; } China Mobile boosted resource management to create next-generation, cloud-based data centers. .toggle .tab-index { This award recognizes companies that have successfully implemented autonomous operations resulting in tangible business improvements such as operational efficiency, enhanced customer experience, faster time to market, and more. As a result, Bouygues Telecom was able to launch Source, the first digital telco brand that encourages digital sobriety in France. } Our independent, impartial judging panel has once again recognized the outstanding achievements being made to accelerate change in our industry, commented Nik Willetts, CEO of TM Forum. Learn more about the Excellence Awards categories, nomination process, and past winners. This award recognizes companies that have conquered digital experience and trust challenges resulting in significant improvements indigitalexperience metrics suchasNPS, churn/loyalty, usage of digital touchpoints, ARPU uplift, or growth in market share. It was a tough competition, so congratulations to all the winners this year, you truly reflect the best cases of customer experience, digital transformation, automation, and innovation worldwide, remarked Head Judge of the TM Forum Excellence Awards, Camille Mendler, Chief Analyst, Omdia. TM Forum has three distinct awards programs that recognize and award its members for their accomplishments and contributions to both TM Forum and the industry. Through Source, Bouygues proposes its customers a full transparency of their data consumption, including the mix between cellular vs Wi-Fi. This award recognizes companies that have created new service offerings that go beyond connectivity, developing new lines of business with a measurable impact on revenues. background: #0c2548; border: 0; } Each year at duringDigital Transformation World, we recognize leaders from around the world and acknowledge the contributions they make that take our industry in new and innovative directions. triPica, providing end-to-end customer journey partnered with Thales to enable automatic identity recognition. Intelligent and Cloud-native IT and network architecture enables commercial launch of green field operator in 10 months. China Unicom AI enabled cost reduction and experience improvement from planning to operations. Catalyst Awards are presented twice a year by the Forums Collaboration Sub-Committee. } Airtel reduced customer frustration to near-zero levels, introducing AI-driven automated operations to their existing business support systems and creating a unique Customer Frustration Index to measure experience improvements in real-time. Our mission at TM Forum is to reinvent the telco industry to be a vibrant player in the digital tech market landscape and act as a driving force in shaping its future. DTW is where the industry comes together in a highly interactive experience with opportunities to meet and connect to explore how industry collaboration can inspire change, and help solve some of the industrys greatest challenges. transition: opacity 0.2s; Results: A stable foundation for new service launches, business growth and international expansion, with new alternative revenue streams projected to comprise 30% of LITCs revenue by 2025, NPS increases to 50, and 10% revenue leakage recovery across the business. Overview of TM Forum Excellence Awards 2022. THIS and 48 leveraged TM Forum assets Open APIs, the Open Digital Architecture and the Cloud Native IT & Agility program to reduce churn by 67% and time to market by 80%, increase on-boarding of new customers by 23 times daily and boost Brand Health scores. Each of the nominees listed has been selected from a wider pool of entries documenting the impact that has been made using TM Forum code+frameworks, mapping to one of the seven themes.

See who has been recognized. TM Forum, the industry association driving digital transformation through collaboration, today announces the winners of its 2021 Excellence Awards during the first day of theDigital Transformation World Series(DTWS) global event. Ofcom has revealed that social media is now the most popular way for the UKs young people to access news content, and Instagram is leading the charge, Netflix has lost 970,000 subscribers in this years second quarter. opacity: 0.9; According to Boston Consulting Group, the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) industry has slipped by, by Manon Sarkis | Jul 4, 2022 | Telecom, triPica. Finalists will then be encouraged to work with the Forum on a written case study; completed and signed-off case studies produced before July 28, 2022 willgive credittowards the final judging scores. Our technological commitment takes on its full meaning with source, a concrete and dedicated example of an innovative and responsible initiative. Said Mathieu Horn, CEO, triPica. As a new player with uncertainties brought by global pandemic, DITO has encountered many unprecedented challenges both in IT and networks. .home-video-link img { Operational transformation and agility award, Digital service innovator of the year award, Open digital ecosystem platform of the year award, CIO of the year award Cody Sanford Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer T-Mobile USA, CTO of the year award Giovanni Chiarelli Chief Technology and Information Officer MTN South Africa, Future digital leader award Ye Ouyang Chief Technology Officer Asiainfo, Digital Service Innovator of the Year Award, Open Digital Ecosystem Platform of the Year Award, Operational Transformation and Agility Award, CTO of the Year Award Supplier Catherine Michel, CTO of the Year Award Service Provider Dr. Ibrahim Gedeon, Smart Service Provider Business Transformation of the Year Award, Outstanding Contribution to Enabling Improved Customer Centricity Award, Outstanding Contribution to Enabling Improved Business Agility Award, Smart Service Provider Business Transformation of the Year Award, Outstanding Contribution to Improved Business Agility Award Communications Industry, Agile Business & IT Service Provider Award, Agile Business & IT Solution Provider Award, Customer Centricity Service Provider Award, Customer Centricity Solution Provider Award, Open Digital Ecosystem Award Smart Innovator, TM Forum Best Practices Award Supplier / System Integrator. See who won. What: A national carriers cultural transformation through investments in employee upskilling and expansion in the face of a pandemic and conflict. Overview of TM Forum Excellence Awards 2021. LITCs cultural transformation, through investments in employee upskilling and expansion in the face of a pandemic and conflict, helped build a stable foundation for new service launches, business growth, and international expansion. Click here to see who are in this elite group. Thanks to triPicas SaaS BSS solution from online subscription and self-help, to product and user management operators can give their users the autonomy and transparency that the market demands today. Finalists will be announced in July and winners during the first day of Digital Transformation Worlds (DTW) global event in September 2022. In 2012, Three Ireland launched the countrys first digital-only mobile service, 48, for the youth sector: Eight years later, they made trust and control central to their transformation, giving Gen-Z customers control of their data, which they can donate to charity or their friends or roll over, among other things. Each of the finalists listed below has been selected from a wider pool of nominees documenting the impact that has been made.

Airtel with Amdocs set out to significantly-improve digital operations and end-user journeys by introducing AI-driven automated operations to existing systems, with proactive monitoring, zero-touch operations, and self-healing capabilities. China Unicom has introduced an innovative model that uses automation and intelligence to enable this evolution whilst bringing major benefits across the business. border-bottom: 0; As a neutral, non-profit organization, our awards ensure a prestigious and impartial view, celebrating the success of key industry players and delivering unrivalled industry exposure and valuable peer recognition. Founded in 2016, triPica is chosen by customers around the world in the telecommunications and energy supply industries. How Airtel successfully reduced customer frustration to near-zero levels by achieving digital- operations excellence. }. DITO was derived from the Filipino word here with the aim of creating a telecommunication community through providing a world class service with high-quality network coverage and digital experience. This award recognizes companies that have overcome AI, data, and analytics challenges, leveraging advanced analytics and AI to improve efficiency and customer experience. This award is given to individuals who have contributed significantly to the work done in TM Forums collaboration community. padding: 0; Finalists will then be encouraged to work with the Forum on a written case study;this will optional, but completed and signed-off case studies produced before July 28, 2022 willgive credittowards the final judging scores. TELUS made a decision to leverage our world-class networks, technology, innovation and passionate team members to tackle challenges facing global healthcare systems. ALERT: To access the submission form, click the "Login" tab above. The winning projects showcase the successful implementation of standards, blueprints, best practices, and frameworks co-created by TM Forum member initiatives. Your email address will not be published. p.description { 5G Private Networks: What are the benefits and the Future for Consumers? We believe technology plays a key role in transforming healthcare by connecting providers, patients, and payers with one another. It is an innovative proposition targeting customers who wish to use a socially responsible solution that integrates well within their increasingly digital lifestyle. Meet the winners of the 14th Annual TM Forum Excellence Awards, MTN Rwanda: Telecommunications and connectivity in Africa, Dato Izzaddin Idris, CEO of telecom Axiata, to step down, Oceus: Providing 5G solutions to governments and enterprises, Tech Live London: Shaping the future of technology, 2 years of Mobile Magazine - celebrating the highlights, Vodafone launches Renewable Power Challenge for its sites, TMobile brings 5G internet to almost 5 million US homes, 51% of smart factories predict an increase of cyberattacks, , the industry association driving digital transformation through collaboration, today announces the winners of its 2021 Excellence Awards during the first day of the. TM Forums Excellence Awards are amongst the toughest and most rigorous in the telecommunications and technology industry. Official nominees will be announced on May 19, 2022. from each of the seven categories will be declared finalists on June 30, 2022. We had an outstanding selection of submissions this year and it was difficult to choose between all the companies partnering and innovating to bring the industry into the new age of digital telecoms.

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