See you on Wednesday at #AEWDynamite!

Brandi tried to be the babyface in a feud against him, but was ultimately booed by the AEW fans. After that, she never received a good reception from the AEW audience.

@SamoaJoe is ALL ELITE! One notable thing about AEW is the low amount of AEW wrestlers released by AEW. Cima, El Lindeman and T-Hawk were quietly removed from the AEW roster page in April 2020 and were released from their contracts some time around that date. Buddy Matthews is #AllElite! @RealKeithLee is ALL ELITE!!! CIMA was one of the first big name signings from abroad when AEW first started up. Whilst some talent have been released after making very little mark on the promotion, some big names which were earmarked for greatness at the companies birth now find themselves outside the confines of the company. She was pinned by Britt Baker to lose the match, but was earmarked as a future star of the AEW Womens Division. Bea Priestly continued to work in Japan during the pandemic. While he didn't win the open challenge & the TNT Title, he opened a lot of eyes on #AEWDynamite. Where is Ivelisse now? Can you update Pat Mcafee, please?

This commment is unpublished, pending moderation. Welcome to the team, @730hook and congratulations on your tremendous debut win tonight on #AEWRampage!

This is rumoured to be one reason why she wanted to leave AEW.

Problem is, shes only wrestled on Dynamite four times since she arrived and two of those were in September. She was inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame in 2021. All Rights Reserved. Give her the spotlight. She was a huge star in Japan and in TNA, with her transforming womens wrestling in America with her incredible bouts with Gail Kim. Its about how youre treated within the company. Hikaru Shida seems to be the iron woman of AEW. They need to start 2022 by giving Thunder Rosa a massive winning streak on television.

He appeared in the New Japan Rambo battle royal match, ultimate failing to win the match.

Championships from sister/partner promotions currently held by AEW wrestlers that have been defended on AEW programming are also noted.

She was part of Will Ospreays United Empire stable and helped her boyfriend become the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.

Hopefully, a move to TBS will do that. Trident Digital Media Limited. Sadie Gibbs is an English wrestler who was signed early on to be part of the AEW Womens Division. Her series of matches with Serena Deeb were exceptional and displayed that she was capable of showing a different side.

I'd like to thank everyone at AEW and the AEW fans for the opportunity. Full interview will be available Thursday The main reasons being rumoured for Cody Rhodes and AEW failing to come to an agreement were AEW not offering Cody a high enough salary, and the loss of creative control that Cody Rhodes had at the beginning of his AEW tenure.

Her rivalry with an injured Britt Baker in the pandemic era showed how Baker was the star and Swole was not. He did then sign a contract with NJPW. The reason is that she has been so devalued over the last seven months that I couldnt take her as a realistic opponent to dethrone Britt Baker. Brandi Rhodes is currently not signed to any wrestling promotion. Most of her matches are squashes or really short matches which is understandable given her experience level. Ok now I am mad I cant get updated cause of my return what gives.

", "AEW suspends Jeff Hardy without pay following arrest, can only return after treatment and staying sober", "Jonathan Gresham ha firmado con AEW | Superluchas", Report: Jonathan Gresham signs contract with AEW - F4W, "AEW Signs Superstar Jon Moxley to Multi-Year Deal", Tully Blanchard reveals new tag clients at Supercard of Honor - 411, Gates of Agony Reportedly Signed With AEW, Are Part of ROH Roster - 411, "It's official!!! You have a minimum of two months and sometimes more in between pay-per-views. Our complete Pro Wrestlers Database allows you to travel through time and see the AEW Roster by Year or any specific Date in history. He is released from his contract in May 2022. Awesome Kong missed a lot of time in AEW due to her having multiple commitments in Hollywood. FIFA 23 Manchester United Icons to be added to the game?

She was renamed Blair Davenport, which she currently wrestles as.

Where is Marko Stunt now? However, there is one flaw that AEW has and has had since day one of the promotion and thats the Womens division. Let us known which AEW wrestlers released by AEW are the biggest losses in the comments, or click below to keep reading. She is good in the ring, but isnt able to show much personality outside of anger.

It was her last match she wrestled since being part of the AEW releases, and she was one of the most high profile AEW wrestlers released by AEW.

", "Bryce Remsburg says he signed a new deal with All Elite Wrestling", "Happy Birthday to AEW referee @themikeposey!

Mercedes Martinez is #allelite #AEWDynamite", "UFC veteran Paige VanZant signs deal with AEW", "AEW's Penelope Ford not medically cleared to wrestle", "AUGUST 12, 2019 OBSERVER NEWSLETTER: LIFE AND DEATH OF HARLEY RACE, MORE", "Another Talent Officially Under Contract With AEW", "Two tag matches added to AEW Double or Nothing", "Destination Known!

She was reportedly very outspoken and hard to work with, whilst also failing to take responsibility for herself when she rubbed people the wrong way. The girlfriend of NJPW star Will Ospreay was an early star in AEW and was one of the most recognisable stars in the womens division.

Cody Rhodes is not currently signed to any wrestling promotion. I didnt even mention Serena Deeb, whos only wrestled four times on Dynamite all year, or Tay Conti, whos only wrestled on Dynamite three times since April. Where is Shanna now?

Order on @brlive", "Jim Ross signs three-year deal with All Elite Wrestling", "AEW FULL GEAR TO FEATURE GERMAN COMMENTARY ON FITE.TV", "Jim Ross is joining AEW: "I'm back in the game", "Wrestling Legend Mark Henry Signs Multi-Year Deal with AEW", "Update on Ricardo Rodriguez Working as AEW Spanish Commentator", "DAILY UPDATE: NXT/USA, UFC 241 FALLOUT, TONY SCHIAVONE", "Tony Schiavone AEW Signing Announced, Confirmed to Join TV Broadcast Team", Tony Khan invokes NXT while discussing ROH plans - Commic, "AEW News: Cody Rhodes and Matt Jackson on launch, Merchandise, Behind the scenes name", "Dean Malenko signs with AEW as senior producer/coach", "AEW HIRES FORMER ECW WORLD CHAMP, JERICHO ON CODY & MORE", Former WWE Producer Pat Buck Reportedly Starts With AEW - 411, "GREAT day - Please welcome @MandaLHuber to The Community Outreach Team. We have a great Champion @sammyguevara & I'm so impressed by the challenger, he's been one of the hottest free agents in the business; ahead of this HUGE match tonight I'm making it official: @TonyNese IS ALL ELITE", "It's official!

Ruby has a unique look and she is one of the few women in AEW who can actually hold her own on the mic (as seen in the video above). Awesome Kong was one of the most heralded signings at the start of AEWs life. Posted on Published: May 3, 2022- Last updated: June 29, 2022, CM Punk vs Hook CM Punk fears HOOK. Yeah. All they need is time and more chances to show what they can do. He was announced as being released by AEW on 29th June 2022, making him the latest member to leave to Dark Order. Guys whos ur favorite wrestler from any company? Former ROH and WWE star Lio Rush had an interesting stint in AEW.

AEW may not have the talent pool of WWE or Impact Wrestling. He is a great talent in ring, but failed to get over in front of the AEW fans and will try his luck outside of the promotion. On this page you find the full AEW Roster as of today, July 21st 2022.

): Cody and Dustin Set To Lock Horns At "DoN", "Cody Rhodes' Double or Nothing opponent is former WWE star", "Welcome to the team #MadKing #EddieKingston is #AllElite #SignEddieKingston is now #EddieKingstonIsSigned", "Welcome to the team #AllEgo Ethan Page (@OfficialEGO) is #AllElite", "#TheDarkOrder is #AllElite @EvilUno & @stu_dos", "Fuego Del Sol Officially Signs AEW Contract", "Welcome to the team #GriffGarrison (@griffgarrison1) is #AllElite", "AEW talent contracts are officially signed, Goldust congratulates Cody Rhodes", "It's official! It was a poorly thought out gimmick and one that made everyone look bad, including one of the worst AEW moments where they ruined a fantastic Riho vs Kris Statlander match. Due to being unable to travel from England to the US during the pandemic, she was released from her contract and never wrestled for AEW again.

Thank you @CodyRhodes & Arn for nominating a great challenger; I was glad to sanction the match. She has only wrestled once since leaving AEW, wrestling at the Black Wrestlers Matter event. Along with T-Hawk and El Lindeman joined him in AEW as the tag team StrongHearts. I just want to see who vince probably messing around with and then became the ultimate simp and gave all those millions tosmh! The lack of AEW wrestlers released makes each one that does even more shocking.

He was suspended by AEW and sent to rehab and attended counselling due to his personal issues.

This list will be updated as more AEW wrestlers are released in the coming months and years. AEW is the sister promotion of Ring of Honor (ROH) and has partnerships with Japan's New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW),[1] DDT Pro-Wrestling (DDT),[2] Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling (TJPW),[3] and Mexico's Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide (AAA),[4][5] Wrestlers and other personalities from those promotions may also make periodic appearances at AEW events. Jay has improved a lot in the ring, but doesnt get nearly enough promo time. AEW needs to explore that different side.

In June 2021, Bea Priestly signed for WWE and was assigned to the NXT UK brand. Marko Stunt has been absent on AEW TV for many months, leading to rumours his release from AEW. That needs to change. However, despite the duos hype from their work in Mexico, they failed to impress in AEW, with Jack Evans match with Kenny Omega early on a particular low point. The former Chief Branding Officer of AEW had her contract expire the same time as Cody Rhodes, but neither person were able to come to an agreement on a contract extension. The problem is she has only wrestled four times on Dynamite since May.

", "Please help us welcome @RefTurnerAEW to the team. Thunder Rosa is probably the easiest woman outside of Britt Baker to make a star.

Gibbs only appeared three times on television for AEW, and was still growing as a performer during her time in AEW.

@SonnyKissXO is #ALLELITE and will be at #DOUBLEorNOTHING", "Welcome to the team @Sting is #AllElite", "It's official!

Stu Grayson was the latest AEW release after taking a backseat in the Dark Order in recent years. He is rumoured to be signing for WWE and looks set to appear at this years Wrestlemania event. Brandi had a rough time on AEW television during her tenure.

Jack Evans was one of the innovative high flyers of the mid 2000s, and was one of the earliest signings by AEW along with his tag team partner Angelico.

Where is Kylie Rae now? She has the ability to be the biggest womens star in AEW besides Britt.

There are rumors of them reigniting the feud with Britt Baker in 2022 but as of now, I wouldnt want to see it. Not once in five months.

Jimmy Havoc is currently retired from wrestling.

CM Punk And Bryan Danielson Set For Imminent AEW Return? @DanhausenAD is ALL ELITE! Awesome Kong was one of the AEW releases that disappointed fans the most, who were fans of Kong during her time in TNA.

Fightful has confirmed that Alan Angels Dark Order's 5 is finishing up with AEW.Details coming to shortly.

Big Swoles current career plans are unknown. They just need to figure out how to display that on television. Read our Privacy and Data Policy.

Simply use the filters below! However, reports of backstage issues blighted her run in AEW.

Her first run as an on-screen talent came as the manager of the disastrous Nightmare Collective stable, along with fellow released AEW wrestlers Mel and Awesome Kong, and deathmatch legend Luther. Along with her partner Diamante, they won the AEW Womens Tag Team Cup tournament, defeating Allie (The Bunny) and Brandi Rhodes in the final to be crowned the champions. Then you will have an epic encounter when Rosa and Baker meet again.

They challenged Adam Page & Kenny Omega for the AEW Tag Team Championships at one point, and in their last match they took on The Young Bucks in a losing effort. The profile of each AEW wrestler features their Career History, Ring Names, Face / Heel Turns, Accomplishments, Pictures, Bio and more information and statistics.

He revealed that he had been working without a contract since his original deal expired at the end of 2021, and by February 2022 Cody Rhodes and AEW could not reach a deal.

Cody Rhodes was an executive vice-president of AEW and one of the main reasons behind the promotions formation and early success.

Dark Order member Alan Angels has been released by AEW after a 2 year spell with the company.

He had two Dave Meltzer five star matches in AEW, with his Double or Nothing 2019 match against he brother Dustin Rhodes, and a ladder match against Sammy Guevara in what turned out to be his final match in AEW. You do not have to blow these stories off in two weeks. Mark Stunt is rumoured to be part of the next series of the reality signing tv show The Voice, and is heavily involved with GCW, ran by Joey Janela. Angels most infamously kicked out of the V-Trigger against Kenny Omega, which some claimed ruined Omega, despite the Canadian never winning a match with the knee strike.

Paul Turner is #AllElite", "#AEW officials have reprimanded Jon Moxley for an unprovoked attack on referee Paul Turner, as this is not the first time Moxley has attacked the Senior Official. he has not currently announced what he is doing next after leaving AEW. She was one of the AEW releases that came as a consequence of being unable to work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She needs to establish herself on her own and she can rival Britt Baker for the AEW Womens Title.

Now: congrats Ricky you earned it", "It's official! To see all of our other win/loss record pages,click here.

ALL matches are taken into account, so, for example, if someone is eliminated from a battle royal, it counts as a loss. Cody Rhodes left AEW on February 15th 2022 after his AEW contract expired. All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is an American professional wrestling promotion founded in 2019.

Those are five women I believe could carry the womens division if given the chance. Thats it.

He is a face now.

Im on Twitter @GiftedMoney talking about wrestling among other things, so feel free to message me on there with any thoughts or comments.

Stu Grayson was removed from the AEW roster page on the 3rd May 2022, confirming his release from the company. #AEWDynamite on @TBSNetwork", "KENNY OMEGA SIGNS WITH ALL ELITE WRESTLING", "Kenny Omega Officially Vacates AAA Mega Championship, Main Event Announcement Coming Tomorrow", "Kenny Omega Officially Joins AEW; Named Executive Vice President", "OVER BUDGET BATTLE ROYALE RETURNING FOR AEW DOUBLE OR NOTHING", "Kip Sabian to Have Surgery on Injured Arm", "Welcome to @AEW Kyle O'Reilly (@KORcombat) is #AllElite! ", "Shawn Dean @AEW Extras Coordinatormy official title in #AEW behind the scenes, a black male in the office, giving", "Welcome to the team @Perfec10n #ShawnSpears is #AllElite", ".

I do. There was an All Out pay per view that broke company records. She unsuccessfully challenged Meiko Satomura for the NXT United Kingdom Womens Champion in NXT UK. #AEWDynamite #BeachBreak", "AEW Officially Announces Daniel Garcia's Signing", "Welcome to the team #TopFlight Darius & Dante Martin are #AllElite", "AEW's Darius Martin out six to nine months after 'nasty car accident', "Euthanasia (or How Do You Express Your Love?

You can criticize WWEs womens division all you want (I wrote about them last week), but they have five to seven women on the roster that are stars that people identify with. Khan responded by claiming that Swole was released because she wasnt good enough, saying that he let Swoles contract expire as I felt her wrestling wasnt good enough. The first AEW wrestler released by AEW was one of the early stars of the womens division, Kylie Rae. Where is Stu Grayson now? @RefAubrey is #AllEliteWelcome to the team Aubrey Edwards", "Flying out a day early because today I officially start my new out-of-ring job with @AEWrestling as a Project Coordinator! But not for long. Do you have a list of released divas from 2005 (WWE)? #AEWRampage",, "He has arrived! List of former All Elite Wrestling personnel, "AEW, New Japan Pro Wrestling establish working relationship", "AEW Announces Working Relationship With DDT Pro Wrestling And TJPW", "DDT President Sanshiro Takagi Talks Bringing Kenny Omega Back For DDT Shows, Wants His Stars In AEW", "ALL ELITE WRESTLING PARTNERING WITH LUCHA LIBRE AAA", Kenny Omega Wont Be at Forbidden Door, but the Event Wouldnt Have Happened Without Him -, "THE KHANS RELEASE STATEMENT ON WHAT WE CAN EXPECT FROM ALL ELITE WRESTLING", "New promotion All Elite Wrestling announced along with AEW Double or Nothing event", "Report: Jaguars' Tony Khan Named President of Cody Rhodes' All Elite Wrestling", "AEW Signs Paul Wight to Wrestle, Serve as Commentator", "Khan's creativity guides AEW through the storm", "AEW's Khan talks Impact/NJPW, Sting, Shaq and more", More On Adam Cole Suffering A Concussion At Forbidden Door - 411, "Report: John Silver And Alex Reynolds Have Signed With AEW", "Welcome to the team @AndradeElIdolo is #AllElite Tune into #AEWDynamite now on @tntdrama", "Angelico Signs With All Elite Wrestling", "AEW Signs Anthony Bowens And Max Caster To Contracts", "Anthony Ogogo: Former boxer signs for All Elite Wrestling", "AEW Reportedly Signs Mark Sterling, Bear Country", "JERICHO SIGNS AEW DEAL, BILLY GUNN ON BOARD AS PRODUCER, STARRCAST 2 AND MORE", "DID VINCE KNOW ABOUT JERICHO SIGNING?, KHAN ON GOLDBERG, THE REACTION WITHIN WWE TO AEW FORMING AND MORE NOTES", "AEW NOTES: BRANDON CUTLER SIGNS, UPDATED LIST OF BATTLE ROYAL ENTRANTS", "Tony Khan Confirms Brian Cage Was Signed By AEW In January, Was Paid While Rehabbing Torn Bicep", "Welcome to the team #BrianPillmanJr (@FlyinBrianJr) is #AllElite", "Arn Anderson says his son Brock Anderson has signed an AEW developmental contract", "Welcome to the team @BrodyxKing is #AllElite", ". One of the wrestlers who was released due to disciplinary reasons was British deathmatch wrestler Jimmy Havoc.

Ivalisse was touted as a star of the AEW Womens Division upon her signing.

However, after Britt Baker, it becomes a little more muddled.

The company has so far been very generous to its wrestlers, especially by not releasing anybody from their contracts due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The only people to be released by AEW so far due to a handful of factors.

She is a slam dunk for AEW if they capitalize on it.

However, she no-showed the event, reportedly due to struggles with anxiety and mental health issues. The Serena Deeb feud showed what she was capable of outside of just good matches.

Her release was announced by Tony Khan on the AEW All Out 2019 post-show media scrum. Install the TJR Wrestling web app for instant access to the very latest news and reviews! Big Swole had an unremarkable career in AEW, despite being pushed as one of the divisions early stars. Her release at first was a low key affair, but an interview afterwards became one of the biggest stories in AEW. Where is Big Swole now? #SupercardOfHonor @AEW", "AEW Announces Signing of Former NBA Player Satnam Singh", "Thank you for your service to the USA, @ShawnDean773, + thank you for everything you've done for @AEW to help us thrive through the pandemic.

Here is a list of the AEW wrestlers released by AEW since the company was founded in January 2019. This includes the list of all current AEW Wrestlers, division between Men and Women Roster, as well as Managers, Announcers, Authority figures, Producers and other personalities in All Elite Wrestling. The list of the AEW released will continue to be updated as more wrestlers are released.

She was trained at the Nightmare Factory and she has established herself as a pretty likable babyface alongside Tay Conti and the Dark Order. She was released from AEW along with her husband Cody and lost her backstage job as Chief Branding Officer in the process.

She seemed unable to take the pressure of wrestling for AEW and requested her release from the company in August 2019, which was granted. It seems as if AEW can do no wrong in the eyes of a lot of the wrestling community.

In the Records section, names are listed in alphabetical order, and the record is listed in Win/Loss/Draw format. Im not saying put her on every week, but a woman as talented as Shida should not go five months without wrestling on television.

In the Win Percentages section, the names are listed in order of Win Percentage from highest to lowest. AEW has one legitimate female star in Britt Baker. #AEWDynamite", "All Elite Wrestling Press Conference: Everything Announced", "Chris Jericho shocks by signing with All Elite Wrestling as AEW rally hits a home run", "Welcome to the team#ChristianCage (@Christian4Peeps) is #AllElite", "SoCal Uncensored Sign All Elite Wrestling Contracts", "WATCH: Jimmy Havoc Joins All Elite Wrestling Via Cool Hype Video", AEW sets working relationship with DDT Pro - 411, "AEW ANNOUNCES NEW TALENT FOR DOUBLE OR NOTHING", UPDATED: Tony Khan Says Claudio Castagnoli Is All Elite, Details on AEW Arrival & Contract - 411, "Welcome to the team @CMPunk is #AllElite!

This is another slam dunk.

Im not sure what her training looks like when she is not wrestling, but her matches need to improve in 2022. Super Crazy He is in NOAH wrestling and has a team called Los Perros Del mal, I want Mark Henry and Paul wight come back to WWE, I have new lyrics for Danhausen's Theme Song, P.s not really making a song but how you like the lyrics. 5-Star Match Reviews: Brody and Hansen vs. Terry and Dory Funk, Jr. AJPW, Dec. 8th, 1984, Top 10 Wrestling Stories of the Week 6/24: AEW-NJPW Forbidden Door, Lesnar Returns to WWE, More, 5-Star Match Reviews: Ric Flair vs. Barry Windham NWA Battle of the Belts II (Feb. 14, 1986), Dave Meltzer Calls Recent AEW Signing Bad Policy, Riddle Claims Current WWE Star Is The Greatest Wrestler In The Current Era. Back injuries also played a part in her departure, with Kong announcing her retirement soon after her release in May 2021. Big Swole claimed that AEW lacked diversity and seemed to attack Tony Khan.

She has catchy theme music and can go in the ring. ", Pure title changes hands at ROH Supercard of Honor - 411, "Welcome to the team, ABADON is #AllElite", "Welcome to the team Anna Jay (@annajay___) is #AllElite", "AEW's AQA stepping away from pro wrestling", "Athena Signs With All Elite Wrestling, Makes Debut At AEW Double or Nothing 2022", "Britt Baker signs with All Elite Wrestling", "Former Knockouts Champion Allie signs with All Elite Wrestling", "WWE Injury List | WWE, AEW, Impact, NJPW, ROH Injury Report List: Expected Returns, Inactives | Fightful Wrestling | Fightful News", "After making her #AEWDynamite debut last night, we can confirm that @Jade_Cargill is #AllElite", "Jamie Hayter signs with AEW, appears on Rampage", "Excalibur Says Kiera Hogan Has Signed With AEW |", "STREET FIGHT NEXT WEEK ON AEW DYNAMITE, IDENTITY OF BRANDI RHODES' PLEDGE & MORE |", "Peter Avalon, Leva Bates, And Private Party Join AEW Roster", "Brandi Rhodes Reveals That Leva Bates Is Her Right-Hand Woman, Talks Leva's Role As A "Coordinator", "Congratulations and welcome aboard officially to @LegitLeylaHirsch, I'm thrilled to have you signed to @AEW!

AEW caters to a relatively smart audience.

You have the tools, Tony Khan. @CodyRhodes recommended his pupil @BigShottyLee. Ivelisse was released by AEW in April 2021, and blamed long-time rival Thunder Rosa as the reason behind her dismissal. His AEW tenure ended as unexpectedly and more confusingly as his debut was and his mark on AEW will soon be forgotten, despite such hope when he signed for the promotion. Sadie Gibbs retired from professional wrestling in April 2021 to focus on her fitness career. #AEWRevolution", "The TNT Title is at stake in a huge match TONIGHT on #AEWRampage! Her contract was not renewed and she became one of the AEW releases in November 2021. Due to her working with Stardom, she was based on Japan at the start of the pandemic.

Awesome Kong is currently working in Hollywood and is not involved in wrestling.

Along with her husband Cody Rhodes, Brandi Rhodes exited AEW on February 15th 2022. ", "Private Party join AEW tag team division", "Tony Khan Reveals Jake Hager Was Signed Before AEW All Out", Briscoes Signed To Long-Term Deals With ROH - 411, "Welcome to the team #JayLethal (@TheLethalJay) is #AllElite", "Jeff Hardy Makes AEW Debut On 3/9 AEW Dynamite, Matt Hardy Voted Out Of A.H.F.O. He's the new @ringofhonor Pure Champion, and @WheelerYuta is ALL ELITE!

Ivelisse currently wrestles for the all-women promotion Shine.

Let me start by saying that Cargill has been protected for much of 2021.

Shanna was a part of the AEW womens roster from the start of AEW, but never made a huge impact.

@swerveconfident is ALL ELITE! She is the current Shine Champion and a former Shine tag team champion. What is Bea Priestly now? Shes a likable character.

She is 21-0 as we sit here today and a favorite to be the first-ever TBS Champion. Disciplinary issues have, in extreme cases, led to AEW wrestlers being released from their deals. He teamed with Dante Martin for a number of months before disappearing from AEW television in December 2021. She already has the following, the unique look, and she can go in the ring.

He later re-signed with AEW in September 2021. Where is Awesome Kong now?

Where is Jimmy Havoc now?

You cant make stars if you dont feature them on television.

Here are five women in that division I believe can have breakout years in 2022 if theyre allowed the platform. CIMA made his first appearances in over a decade for NJPW at Wrestle Kingdom 16 in January 2022. She never stamped her influence on AEW or impressed the fans, and was released in May 2021 with little fanfare.

Swerve in Our Gloryhausen's are new AEW tag Champs!!! Give her more television time.

Thats sad compared to how she was positioned at the beginning of 2021 but this is where we are at right now. Where is CIMA now? Thats fine as long as you put that over as her turning on the switch when she has to. Another casualty of the AEW roster during the pandemic was womens star Bea Priestly. Impact Wrestling has a very stellar knockouts division boosted by the recent editions of Mickie James and The Iinspiration.

He made a huge mark on AEW in his 3 years with the company. @WWEDanielBryan is here in #AEW!#AEWAllOut", "Bryan Danielson confirma su ausencia en los siguientes shows de All Elite Wrestling", "Welcome to @AEW, @SNM_Buddy! Welcome to the team @RubySoho is #AllElite", "Welcome to the team Serena Deeb is #AllElite", "Tony Khan Talks Serena Deeb's Behind The Scenes Role In AEW", "Welcome to the team @ThunderRosa22is #AllElite", "Welcome to the team #ToniStorm is #AllElite", "Proud to be calling the Dynamite action in Spanish every Wednesday on @AEWonTNT #imwithaew #allelite", "Breaking: Cody Rhodes Will Have Arn Anderson as Manager in AEW", "Tony Khan Says Don Callis Is Part Of The AEW Team, He Could Be With Kenny Omega For Years To Come", "Tony Schiavone Reveals AEW Signed Eight-Year-Old Brodie Lee Jr. To A Contract", "AEW signed 8-year-old Brodie Lee Jr. to a contract before his father's death", "Stokely Hathaway Appears At AEW Double Or Nothing, Signs With All Elite Wrestling", ". How can you properly feature two womens titles when youre only featuring one womens match per show? The former Progress World Champion was accused of physical and emotional abuse, and even accused of rape by a former partner of his. Jack Evans AEW release was announced by himself on Twitter on April 19 2022, with the star thanking AEW and its fans for their support over the last three years.

Early on in her AEW run, Awesome Kong was paired with Brandi Rhodes in the ill-fated Nightmare Collective stable. Ive seen small clips of her on BTE and she has the personality. Marko Stunt was informed by AEWs head of talent relations Christopher Daniels on March 30th, 2022, to inform him that he would be released from his contract once it expires in May 2022.

He made his debut as the Joker Card in the Casino Battle Royal at AEW Double or Nothing 2021. Especially with the creation of the AEW TBS Championship. She has a big 2022 lined up if they can get her on television more. aew wrestler wikiage

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